What happens when I take a homeopathic remedy?

When a homeopathic remedy is prescribed based on your presenting symptoms, it is not always the symptom of your choice that is first to respond. Your immune system is very clever and will target the most limiting and serious symptoms first, such as physical pain, emotional distress or insomnia. The rash that you may have wanted to target is more superficial, so this may be the last symptom to disappear. It is sometimes difficult to explain to a patient that the worsening of a symptom, or re-emerging of an old symptom is a good sign, but the first improvement that needs to be noted is an increase in energy levels. Mentally and emotionally you will begin to feel much better as these were the original culprits of your manifested illness in the first place. Anxiety or depression will begin to dissipate, followed by the physical symptoms, one at a time, moving outward like ripples in a pond when a pebble is thrown into the water, slowly releasing the past suppression that caused your dis-ease.

As this process begins, you may experience some cleansing effects, allowing you to discharge these old energies. You may develop a fever, sore throat, running nose or diarrhea. There is no need to be alarmed at this or to have the impression that the remedy is making you worse. You will emerge from this with a renewed energy and sense of self. These are signs that the correct remedy has be administered and you are on the right track. Often when there is a serious underlying illness developing, the vital force is not strong enough to deal with a cold. When I hear someone say they never catch colds I feel concerned as to what may be happening on a deeper level.

Prescription drugs can also suppress, for instance your eczema may disappear with the use of a cortisone cream, but this may lower your vitality. Once your energy returns with the use of a homeopathic remedy, the eczema may also return temporarily as it needed to once again surface to be released. This is why it’s best not to again suppress these re-emerging symptoms with drugs or you will hinder the healing process. It’s the same with a fever, asthma, thrush and so on. If these resurface only to be suppressed once again, healing will not take place and you will be back to square one. The signs of improvement you need to watch for are an increase in energy, a healthy appetite, better sleeping patterns and a relaxed state and feeling of well-being. This is what really counts!