For minor problems such as tickling throat, slight colds, insect bites, teething, hayfever and more…

For when you need a little extra help from an expert such as unresolved coughs, stomach upsets etc…

For a detailed analysis and case history to explore your health issues on an individual basis…. Skype appointments also available

Alternative Family Health Care

South Brisbane Homeopathy, Cleveland – Boonah

Australia-wide consultations available online!

With easy access to Homeopathic Clinics in South Brisbane, Juliette provides a natural alternative for the whole family. Currently operating two homeopathic clinics one in Boonah and another homeopathic clinic in Cleveland, you are covered for all your South Brisbane Homeopathy needs.

Do you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety or depression? Homeopathy can help!

Read my story to find out how I overcame chronic pain and more! Homeopathy is a journey to finding the Vital Element to change to a pain-free, happy and balanced life. In homeopathic terms, this Vital Element is called the “Simillimum” – the perfect remedy, individualized to suit you, that will stimulate your body, mind and soul to restore, heal and rejuvenate itself. Once you begin your journey to healing with homeopathy, you only need to follow these 3 C’s required to achieve success:

  1. Commitment – Chronic pain has taken many years to manifest, so you can’t expect a quick fix. It may take as many months to reverse.
  2. Communication – This is important not only during the consultation, but also between visits so that you will know when to repeat (or not to repeat) your remedies. During the consultation, be willing to share as much as possible with your homeopath about your personality and what is important to you in life.
  3. Careful observation – Recording any changes in symptoms, energy levels, sleep patterns, dreams or appetite will provide valuable information for your return visit to determine if you have had the correct response or whether a change of remedy is required.

Disclaimer: Homeopathy is not a substitute for medical advice and does not claim to offer diagnosis, or treatment of illnesses. Homeopathy can strengthen the body’s own healing defenses in order for the body to heal itself. The focus is on the person rather than the illness and the prescriptions are holistic and highly individualized. Therefore we treat YOU not your illness.