Animal Kingdom

Do you belong to the Animal Kingdom?

The animal kingdom is a dynamic mix of intensity and diversity with conflict between the strong verses the weak and survival of the fittest; between victim and aggressor, predator and prey, the dominating and the dominated. Animal Kingdom people may be likely to have issues of survival and place importance on competitiveness and wanting to be part of a group. They may be attention seeking and place a great importance on attractiveness and sexuality wearing provocative colourful clothing or with animal designs such as snake rings or leopard print accessories. If you are from the animal kingdom you may be:

  • Affectionate, caring and playful.
  • Animated, engaging and a great storyteller.
  • Seductive and sexy.
  • Struggling with inner conflict, “I v/s myself”.

Specific characteristics are dependent on which animal subkingdom or species you may belong to. Mammals have a strong maternal instinct, and connection to immediate family is important as well as needing to belong to a group. Reptiles may be loquacious and cunning with themes of superior and inferior traits. If you require a bird remedy you may feel trapped and confined with a yearning to fly free, rise above and escape. If you need an insect remedy you may be busy, organised, restless and hurried. You may like to dance, climb and love bright fluorescent colours if you require a spider remedy. There are vast possibilities, and once the most appropriate remedy is prescribed it will bring about the correct healing response.

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