Mineral Kingdom

Do you belong to the Mineral Kingdom?

When thinking of the mineral kingdom with the periodic table of elements the main idea that comes to mind is structure. The periodic table is organized in an ordered and predictable manner to help scientists classify and understand the formation of the mineral kingdom from the gas elements such as hydrogen, to the heavy metals and finally to the decay series of uranium or radium. Mineral kingdom people find their security, performance and capabilities are important to them. If you need a homeopathic remedy from the mineral kingdom you are likely to be:

  • Concerned with the structure of life such as security, safety and responsibility for your home, health, position, income and family.
  • Well organized within work or home and love to make lists or work in engineering, accountancy or other structured organisations that are systematic and require attention to detail, precision or mathematics.
  • Uncomfortable around disorganised persons.
  • Dressed in organized, symmetrical patterns such as stripes, checks or plain materials.

There are many minerals available as homeopathic remedies including the gasses such as hydrogen, helium, oxygen and nitrogen; heavy metals such as gold, silver, aluminium, copper and lead; mineral salts including sodium chloride; and precious and semi-precious gems such as diamond, quartz, ruby and amethyst. There are many possibilities to choose from, but with the help of your homeopathic practitioner, the correct remedy can make a difference to your health and well-being.

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