Sensation Method

The Sensation Method is used by a small number of homeopaths in Australia that have studied the work of Rajan Sankaran from India. Sankaran has opened “The Other Song” Academy where he teaches that human disease exists because we borrow traits from other kingdoms such as animal, plant and mineral……. These cause an imbalance within the human, because our human song is playing alongside this non-human ‘other song’ creating disharmony.  For generations we have been led to believe that suffering is caused by outside influences, which is simply not true. Even medical practitioners are beginning to recognize that many illnesses are stress-related and our lifestyle is a direct causation the majority of the time. A switch in attitude is often required so that we can take responsibility for our lives and eventually what was once the cause of suffering can suddenly become an opportunity for growth.

 By having a consultation with a Sensation Method homeopathic practitioner you will be able to begin your healing journey to bring back inner peace, vibrant health, vitality and well-being. During the consultation, the focus is on the level of the sensation or feelings you experience as you take the journey of discovery to find how this sensation permeates your entire being. After exploring your chief complaint, the next step is to discover whether you require a homeopathic remedy from the animal, plant or mineral kingdom, then narrowing it down to a particular family within that kingdom, will lead to a specific remedy. There is an art and science involved in choosing a remedy this way from the several thousand choices of homeopathic remedies that are available today. Through the observations of countless case studies and many successful applications of this method, it is possible to have a predictable outcome of healing and balance for your mind, body and soul.

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Other Methods

There are many methods used all over the world in homeopathy. The most important thing to remember is that every homeopath has a different approach, but there is often more than one remedy that will act to help you achieve wellness.
New methods in homeopathy are always emerging, changing and adding to the vast scope of knowledge. Most homeopaths would agree that illness or dis-ease begins in the mind, emotions and belief patterns that have shaped the way we look at the world form our own unique perspective. In our imperfect world where we experience grief, trauma and unbalanced relationships it is plain to see how illness can manifest. Homeopathy has a unique way of targeting the emotions that caused the imbalance, stimulating the healing mechanism within.

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