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Common childhood illnesses such as acute conditions of colds, teething, sore throats, fever, stomach upsets or more chronic conditions such as allergies or eczema can quickly improve with the use of homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is ideal for pregnancy, babies, and even newborns as it is a gentle, low risk and effective natural treatment for children. The liquids or tiny pillules are mildly sweet and therefore easy to administer as they are more palatable than herbs or conventional medicines and they do not contain any dangerous artificial sweeteners or chemicals. They also do not over-burden the system or reduce immune defenses, are non-allergenic and are not harmful even if taken long-term. Underlying genetic or acquired chronic diseases can be diverted if using homeopathy from a young age and it can help your child become more resistant towards disease by stimulating the immune system, helping to create healthier teenagers and adults. Conventional drugs work by suppressing symptoms and the risk of doing this is that the illness will try to express itself in other ways and may ultimately affect the inner, more vital organs.

Antibiotics are routinely given to babies with ear infections even though studies have shown that 80% of the time they are not effective and the children who do not receive regular antibiotics are less likely to have recurring infections. The following link discusses the over-use of antibiotics for children with ear infections:

Treating the symptoms with homeopathic substances derived from the plant, mineral or animal kingdoms, from the first signs of a cold will reduce the probability of otitis media (ear infections) as seen in the following links:

There are many such examples where homeopathy is shown to be effective for the treatment of childhood illnesses, but the most convincing evidence is when you can see your own child recover quickly and eventually begin to thrive after the use of these highly potentized homeopathic substances. Recently Juliette completed a training seminar designed for treating children using “Case Witnessing”, allowing children to draw with coloured pencils or just be themselves during consultations. This advanced method in homeopathy was designed by Dr Dinesh Chauhan, a world renowned Indian homeopath who has developed his unique child-centric method of case taking specifically to find and treat the core of a child’s illness.

There is so much you can tell by a child’s drawings or by observing the way they play.”

Juliette West

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