Plant Kingdom

Do you belong to the Plant Kingdom?

Plants are living organisms, rooted in one place and in order to survive they need to be sensitive towards the changes within their environment. This means they need to be adaptable in order to be able to withstand these unavoidable fluctuations in their external as well as internal environments such as temperature and soil changes and availability of sunlight. Plant kingdom people are sensitive to their environment and the people around them and are continually adapting to their external influences. If you require a plant kingdom remedy you may be:

  • Sensitive to external influences such as noise, smell and atmospheric changes.
  • Emotionally sensitive, caring more about feelings than material things.
  • Changeable and adaptable to situations.
  • Easily affected by weather changes.
  •  Artistic with a love of nature.

There is a vast variety with over 30 plant families to choose from when prescribing an individualised homeopathic remedy. With the correct prescription, your homeopathic practitioner will assist you on your path to healing.

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