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What is Vital Elements Homeopathics?

Vital Elements Homeopathics is a South Brisbane Homeopathy business catering to Boonah and Cleveland surrounding areas for clinic appointments. Australia-wide online consultations are also possible via Zoom or Skype. The reason the name Vital Elements was chosen is because homeopathy works together with the elements of nature, utilizing the animal, mineral and plant kingdoms to create the many remedies available today.

Alternative Family Health Care

Homeopathy is the perfect alternative family health care to choose for your family as it is a low cost and effective healing modality offering sometimes what seems to be miraculous results! However it is important to work together with a skilled practitioner in choosing the correct remedy. A wide range of illnesses and dysfunction can be targeted simultaneously with homeopathy, including mental and emotional well-being, women’s and men’s issues, hormone balancing, stress reduction, immunity, energy and metabolism. It is a basic form of vibrational medicine that science is only just beginning to understand with the discovery of nanoparticles, and is based on the principles of “like cures like”, which means that a medicine that causes these symptoms within a healthy individual can heal the same symptoms if the medicine is given to a sick individual. By prescribing this similar remedy in a highly potentised dynamic remedy, the body/mind is stimulated and responds by reversing the disease. The experienced homeopath identifies the core problem by investigating where the disturbance may have originated. For example, was it:

  • A traumatic event?
  • Problems with childhood?
  • Difficult birth?
  • History of illness or vaccination trauma?

The homeopath then finds the corresponding remedy with a similar symptom picture in order to treat the cause of the illness. Therefore, homeopathy is a system of natural medicine designed to treat the individual in a holistic manner by targeting the cause of the dis-ease and stimulating the immune system to heal itself!

Complementary Health

Homeopathy can be safely used alongside conventional medicine and is very supportive of other modalities. This is why it is called complementary health, as it is compatible and will not interfere with your prescribed medication, herbal preparations or supplements. The reason is because homeopathy works on a different level to conventional therapies and so there are no interactions. The advantage of homeopathy is that it will minimize the need to use antibiotics or other drugs.

What to expect during a consultation.

During the first appointment a comprehensive and detailed analysis of your case can take up to two hours to complete. The more you are willing to share about yourself, including your likes and dislikes, health and lifestyle and emotions, the easier it will be to find the correct remedy to suit your needs. Quite often, the fact that you are talking about your problems can facilitate and begin your healing process. Homeopathy treats the patient, not the illness, therefore this is a highly effective system to care for YOU as an individual.

Find your symptoms included into one of these categories:

  • Quick prescriptions for homeopathic FIRST AID

Abscesses, acute abdominal pain, allergy (itchy eyes, running nose), back pain, bed wetting, bruises, burns, children (irritable, clingy, teething), cough, colds, sore throat, acute diarrhoea, vomiting, earache, headache, wounds, insect bites, bee stings, shock, sudden grief, heat exhaustion, sunburn, inflammation, insomnia, PMS, menstrual cramps, sneezing, sore muscles etc..

Acne, attention problems (children), food allergies and intolerance, allergies (cause), breathing difficulties, anxiety, joint problems, low immunity, bloating/flatulence, irritable bowel, bad breath, bladder/urinary infections, chest infections, persistent coughs, constipation, dental problems, rashes, dizziness, poor digestion, edema, fatigue, cold sores, food poisoning etc..

You may have a personal or Skype consultation for any of the above symptoms or if you have any chronic complaints such as:
Sinus problems, gastric upsets, frequent illness, mental and emotional problems, learning difficulties, support for medical treatment, women’s issues, menopausal problems, infertility, male problems, skin conditions, immune deficiency, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, migraines, vertigo, neurological complaints, depression or unresolved grief, sleep problems, panic disorders, some bipolar issues, eating disorders, post traumatic stress and much more..Phone Juliette now on 0400 659 032!


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