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 Brisbane Visionary Art Classes

Meditative Visionary Art Classes start 31st of July 2016 at Life Essence Natural Therapies Centre in Beenleigh Queensland.
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Colour your world and allow your inner child to come out and play! Nurture yourself by expressing your feelings creatively through a work of art that is “Food for the soul.” Juliette will be guiding you through meditation and guided visualizations to find the vision within you that reveals the inner core of your being. Discover your own unique hidden talents. Learn how receive messages from your Guides and Angels, to help you re-balance your body, mind and spirit to bring back inner peace, vibrant health, vitality and well-being. This workshop is not about how to draw but how to find the Vision to create something truly unique that in essence, is a part of you.

The Meaning of Colour

The colours you choose are an important aspect of who you are and often indicate the feelings and emotions within you, whether the colour is chosen consciously or subconsciously. For instance, green may be the colour of the mother aspect related to Gaia our spiritual Mother Earth who supplies all and asks nothing in return and we may instinctively be drawn to this colour when under stress or during emotional trauma. Red is the colour that we associate with vitality or ambition and it can be helpful in overcoming negative thoughts, but it can also indicate anger with the principle of Dionysus the punishing earthly father. Yellow is uplifting, happy and bright, a celebration of warm, sunny days and is associated with the intellect, expression of thoughts and the builder of self-confidence and an optimistic attitude. Conversely, a dull yellow can be an indicator of fear. Turquoise is associated with the refreshing, cool ocean which is invigorating and calming. It may be helpful for feelings of loneliness because it encourages communication, creativity and sensitivity, helpful in making a sparkling new start. Juliette directs you with particular exercises to encourage these expressions through colour choice.

All materials needed for the classes are provided, including your creative drawings to take home with you. You will discover your own hidden artistic talents as well as provide healing for your mind, body and spirit as you explore your inner world. This may be the beginning of a journey you've been searching for to rejuvenate your inner passion for life and living.

No previous artistic experience or ability is required for these weekly classes. All welcome! Call Life Essence on 07)3807 7687 or Juliette on 0400 659 032 NOW to make a booking.