Softening the Suffering of Grief and Trauma

Most of us will have experienced grief or some form of trauma sometime in our lives. Unfortunately this is the reality of the world we live in. Because we don't always fully deal with the shock associated with these events, they can have lasting effects on health and well-being. Sometimes we may not associate an illness with a particular event because its difficult to make the connection, but research in Germany by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D. discovered the mind and body connection and linked the kinds of events people experienced to specific parts of the brain that governed specific areas in the body. For instance, breast cancer may be linked to the trauma of losing a child. These connections have been verified by changes in brain patterns on CT scans. Read more about German New Medicine on his original website:

The reality is that Dr. Hamer was persecuted for trying to publicize his findings and is now in exile. But if these findings are true, it offers a new perspective towards healing. Homeopathy offers a unique ability to be able to target and heal the original trauma that was experienced with the help of a qualified, professional homeopath who is able to find a remedy though the most efficient form on case taking to suit the individual. By exploring your individual and family history it is possible to pin-point the feeling or emotion you experienced which caused the impact to place your body in the state of dis-ease. Once your way of viewing the world is understood, the remedy falls into place and the right remedy can do wonders to restore, not only your peace of mind, but your emotional and physical imbalances as well. So when I am asked how homeopathy can help with addictions, back problems, cancer or any other illness, this is what is going through my mind - you need to deal with the conflict/shock that caused you to manifest this in the first place.