Reiki South Brisbane

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing involving the “laying on of hands” to channel “life force energy” (Ki) through to the recipient from a “higher power” promoting healing and well-being. It helps to produce feelings of relaxation and peace and although it is spiritual, it does not have any type of religious connection.

Reiki provides a subtle, natural form of healing energy with a non-invasive hands-on healing touch which promotes healing and relaxation, increases energy levels and well-being. It can be used alongside any other therapy to re-balance the body’s energy flow and is a complementary way of alleviating stress when dealing with any illness. You will be asked to lie on a massage table as you are covered with a warm towel and the practitioners hands are placed on various parts of the body while you relax and melt into nothingness, calming the mind and body. There is no form of manipulation and you will remain fully clothed throughout the session which lasts around 60 to 90 minutes. You may feel a tingling sensation, warmth, or no sensation at all. You may however feel refreshed, serene with a renewed sense of self after the session is completed.