Ayurvedic Healing

Ayurvedic healing is very similar to Reiki, however may sometimes require the use of incense to clear the aura prior to treatment. It can be practiced without incense if necessary if you have asthma or allergies so you need to let the practitioner know if this is a problem. After a session with this method there is an initial healing crisis, which makes you feel extremely tired so it is best to choose a day for your appointment where you will not have any pressing engagements and can spend the remainder of the day resting. After this you will experience renewed energy and a sense of wellbeing. This prepares the way to give you the courage and energy required to continue your healing journey which is a very important step in the healing process because you have to CHOOSE to heal. This is the determination that needs to be accessed from deep within yourself so that you can take responsibility for your health and take the necessary steps required to really make a difference in your life.
Disclaimer: Reiki and Ayurvedic healing are not a substitute for medical advice and do not claim to offer diagnosis, or treatment of illnesses.